Secrets of a Midlife Witch Reveal!

Book Cover by Charles Clark

Secrets of a Midlife Witch Book Cover Credits

(Originally posted at on May 15, 2022) Isn’t she a beauty! Many thanks to Charles Clark for your many iterations that resulted into this final product. This author isn’t the easiest to please, and I’m excited to share the cover with the world. A lot of work goes into creating a book cover. The artist has to consider the genre and important elements of the story to craft a cover that represents the essence of the story. Communicating those ideas can be a difficult task for the author. The final version was created after Charles read my book.

Secrets of a Midlife Witch Release Update

Secrets of a Midlife Witch, Book One in The Bearsden Witch Series is moving along toward its release. Line edits were completed, and it’s out for proofreading. ARC readers are still being accepted. You can sign up to be considered for an ARC on the Reed Shore Press website. To be chosen as an ARC reader, you must provide an Amazon Profile link and a Goodreads link. A Bookbub link and any other social media sharing would be a bonus and greatly appreciated!

A Trinity of Witches, A Backstory

A free backstory to the series is available to anyone who signs up for the Reed Shore Press Newsletter. It’s a short story explaining the existence of a paranormal element in The Bearsden Witch Series. Newsletters are sent out once a month except for the month of a new book release. Early subscribers will be sent a link to download the book!

eBook Cover by Charles Clark