Author of Paranormal Women's Fiction Urban Fantasy

Schooling of a Midlife Witch

By J. C. Yeamans, Book Two of the Bearsden Witch Series

The second novel in the spellbinding Paranormal Women’s Fiction Urban Fantasy, The Bearsden Witch Series from author J.C. Yeamans.

Join Gwynedd Crowther on her journey into magic, mystery, and love.

In the follow-up to Secrets of a Midlife Witch, novice witch Gwynedd Crowther continues to dig into her parents’ history of witchcraft while deciding how to pursue her witchcraft without the benefit of coven membership. She seeks the help of a new young professor to translate her mother’s grimoire, but he seems more interested in her than the tome. Could an Unremarkable be the love she’s been looking for? Or does she still have embers burning for Scottish Professor Archie Cockburn?

The implosion of a city building leaves her questioning her magical ineptitude, and she seeks the help of an unconventional hedge witch. After several more incidences and being followed by an unidentified witch, Gwynedd speculates a former foe has returned to Bearsden to seek revenge. Or is this a new enemy? What becomes of the mischievous Seelie Fae children?

Will Gwynedd ever discover why her mother left the Bearsden Coven to raise her without a life of witchcraft?

Schooling of a Midlife Witch is a PWF Urban Fantasy and Book Two in The Bearsden Witch Series.

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