Intuition of a Midlife Witch

By J. C. Yeamans, Book Five of the Bearsden Witch Series

Two book image of Intuition of a MIdlife Witch

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The fifth novel in the spellbinding Parnormal Women’s Fiction Urgan Fantasy, The Bearsden Witch Series from author J.C. Yeamans.

Join Gwynedd Crowther on her journey into magic, mystery, and love.

Gwynedd Crowther, Bearsden’s ancestral witch, attempts to uncover the identities of kidnappers who are snatching local children in the town in the fifth novel in The Bearsden Witch Series by author J.C. Yeamans.

When kidnappings of local children occur in Bearsden, Gwynedd Crowther has a hunch a rogue witch is helping the Unremarkable kidnappers, but she only has her weak witch’s intuition to guide her. She seeks help to strengthen her sixth sense from her hedge witch mentor, Agnes Pritchard, and cat sith witch Dr. Seamus Duffy, who apparently has developed amorous feelings for her. Overwhelmed by her schoolwork and research of Celtic folklore that produces no answers to the identity of the gray-skinned monster in her vision, she hopes the new young Celtic Studies instructor can provide more information on Welsh fairy folklore, her specialty.

The allies on the city council continue to press the coven to close the portal in the mound, and the addition of new Unremarkable members adds to the stress, especially Alys Morgan, who presses the council to address the kidnappings. Her intuition falters despite further training, failing to guide her to the kidnappers. Or does it? Why does her sixth sense keep dragging her to the bog in North Basin Creek Park?