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  • Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash. It's a picture of a frame with the quote, "Write Without Fear. Edit Without Mercy." A blurry Aloe plant is in the left foreground.

    The Bearsden Witch Series

    (Blog originally posted 2/08/2022 on reedshorepress.com) Book One in the Bearsden Witch series is coming along. The last self-edit was finished, and it’s in the first stage of editing. This entire process as a first-time author has been an incredible journey. I began writing the ramblings of a women’s fiction novel about eight years ago.…

  • Witchraft at Salem Village, Public Domain. Now we are in a trial setting in a Colonial Salem and withches are on trial.

    Salem Witch Trials: Hanged and Stoned

    Fascination with Witches The first thing readers ask me: why do you write about witches in your books? My interest in witches and witchcraft began with The Crucible, a play written by Arthur Miller and required reading in high school. After reading the play, I developed a fascination with the Salem witch trials and the…

  • Photo by Rick L on Unsplash. An image that could be from tje 80's film "Back to the Future." It feature a young girl with her back to us in a blue jacket. She is in front of a Delorean-like vehicle that looks like it has modified similarly to the one at the end of the movie.

    Getting To Know You: Who is J.C. Yeamans?

    What’s in a name? I have a confession. You won’t find J.C. Yeamans in a Google search. I write under a pen name. It’s way more interesting than my real name. As a writer, she is my alter ego, the keeper of the stories. However, I will tell you a smidgeon about the real me.…