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JUST RELEASED: Stalking of a Midlife Witch: Book Three in The Bearsden Witch Series

By J. C. Yeamans

Paranormal Women’s Fiction Urban Fantasy

In the follow-up to Schooling of a Midlife Witch, ancestral witch Gwynedd Crowther is in a race to find a spell to close the portal in the mound before an evil Tuatha Dé fairy finds her, seeking revenge. She visits Great Britain, hoping to find her great-aunt and answers to protect herself, and meets Archie’s ancestral witch family in Scotland.

Meanwhile, the Bearsden Coven battles the city council who are making plans to level the fairy mound in the Celestial Gardens. What will happen to the magical space if the city tinkers with it?

Gwynedd cajoles Nick Evans to remain silent about the existence of the Bearsden Coven. She meets the new visiting professor from Northern Ireland and experiences strange encounters. As the visions and threats mount, will the coven find a portal-closing spell before the evil fairy finds her?

Tablet Trinity of Witches Book

A Trinity of Witches by J. C. Yeamans, The Bearsden Witch Series: A Back Story

A Trinity of Witches is abackstory to the Bearsden Witch Series, taking place in the 1960s. Three young witches from different backgrounds come together to perform a fertility spell.

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