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LATEST RELEASE: Schooling of a Midlife Witch: Book Two in The Bearsden Witch Series

Paranormal Women’s Fiction Urban Fantasy

By J. C. Yeamans

In the follow-up to Secrets of a Midlife Witch, novice witch Gwynedd Crowther continues to dig into her parents’ history of witchcraft while deciding how to pursue her witchcraft without the benefit of coven membership. She seeks the help of a new young professor to translate her mother’s grimoire, but he seems more interested in her than the tome. Could an Unremarkable be the love she’s been looking for? Or does she still have embers burning for Scottish Professor Archie Cockburn?

Tablet Trinity of Witches Book

A Trinity of Witches by J. C. Yeamans, The Bearsden Witch Series: A Back Story

A Trinity of Witches is abackstory to the Bearsden Witch Series, taking place in the 1960s. Three young witches from different backgrounds come together to perform a fertility spell.

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